Friday, September 13, 2019

To what extent was there a step change in Britains relationship with Essay

To what extent was there a step change in Britains relationship with the EU in 1997 - Essay Example Unfortunately, half a century later, the EU term does not consist of all European states. The EU is a supranational organisation, this means that it is made up of other countries. Countries that choose to become members make a major sacrifice to forego some of their national sovereignty in order to agree on social, political and economic policies which are of common interest.2 At this juncture it would be prudent to note that the EU is more superior to its member states. This is evidenced by the member states’ laws and national policies which are equally bound by the EU institutions and regulations. Ironically though, the theoretical basis for the EU was provided by the then British Conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill yet it is them who have lagged behind in actualising European integration3. Due to the country’s historical, traditional and institutional background, it has found it extremely difficult to link both its domestic and European policies. Since time in memorial, Britain was never keen on intergrating with other countries in Europe. It always isolated itself and even in the 1950s while other European countries such as Italy, France and Germany, joined into a single market in coal and steel, which was then termed the Common Market. This is the modern day European Union (EU). Britain however succumbed to the insurmountable pressure and eventually joined, this was in 1973. Their decision to join was however due to being forced by circumstances. Europe seemed to be where the money was and not being a part of it was tantamount to cutting your nose to spite your face. The British are still yet to change their mentality over their inclusion in the EU, they view it as a marriage of convinience, as it helps them in carrying out their transactions. The Thatcher government for instance was opposed to the rapid integration of the European markets. She was also

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