Wednesday, September 11, 2019

APPLIED DECISION METHODS CLASS; MOD4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

APPLIED DECISION METHODS CLASS; MOD4 - Essay Example As such, this can’t exactly be used as a basis on determining the overall relation betweenthe cost charged and the SATs scored. The model as from the computations is invalid meaning it can’t be used to assess the question given As computed, the correlation coefficient of the created model is a weak positive number of 0.17577. Thisshows a weakrelationship of the model. The overall significance of the model should be less than 0.05. In our case, our model gives a value of 0.547796. This shows the model isn’t statistically valid rendering our model inaccurate. Then again, the variability of the dependent variableas explained by the independent variable is 0.030895 which yields a percentage of 3.0895 which is a very weak number. Consequently, the variables aren’t statistically significant as they are close to 0.05. (0.049008). This can be estimated by multiplying the payroll with the strength of the relationship described by the model. We subtract 17.577% from 100% to get 82.423%.We then multiply this by the payroll spent by the team that is 82.433%/100% * 79 and we obtain roughly about 65 victories. Despite the moving average being an accurate method of forecasting sales, the weighted moving average is even more accurate as one can weigh the more recent periods a little heavier than the older

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