Monday, September 2, 2019

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Novel Eval There appears to be some writing on the note ... Ethel Cindy R. Lucero English M01A Ms. Janet Cross April 16, 2001 A Gender Twist One great allure of computerized communication systems is their ability to allow participants to effortlessly reshape their selves and their appearance through the manipulation of words and images or representations rather than through modification of the physical body, a process requiring access to advanced biomedical technologies beyond the reach of most individuals. These communication systems allow people to escape boundaries and categories that have in the past constrained their activities and their identities. In communication, knowing the identity of those with whom you communicate is essential for understanding and evaluating an interaction. Yet in the disembodied world of the virtual community, identity is also ambiguous. Many of the basic cues about personality and social role we are accustomed to in the physical world are absent. Contained in that concept is the seed of a true revolution in computers and communication: the possibility that it may no longer be possible to make judgments based on physical and biological images before our eyes, that instead we may be forced to deal with shattered categories and shifting identities. Jesse Kornbluth, in his article titled {you make me feel like} A Virtual Woman, wrote about his experiences in using the internet as a means of communication with other people. His extraordinary revelations came from ordinary chat rooms where his identity changed to a woman. He is heterosexual, but once online, he becomes a virtual woman. This started when he first logged in, he was bored to death by regular chat rooms, where all people can see on the main window are terms like LOL (laughing out loud). He went on to the next level, which is the member room. They have inviting names such as M 4 M, Married and Restless, etc. He anticipated an interesting room but found out that it was a mess of men and women or men and men typing while they indulge themselves in hot chats of perversion. He was disappointed not to find smart and witty individuals to talk to on the net. He has a wonderful wife and a bunch of female friends, that if he was a slimeball, he could have as much lovers as he wants. So he is not interested in all the junk cybersex has to offer.

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