Thursday, August 29, 2019

TLMT313 Assignment 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

TLMT313 1 - Assignment Example Thurston Howell, was the in charge of the X-ray supply. Moreover, in relation to the case scenario, it has also been reflected that after the death of Mr. Howell, Mr. Rubble is having the option to opt for new supply as per his convenience and overall profitability of the healthcare. Mr. Rubble has noticed that Kodak is charging higher prices as compared to other suppliers. The key problem is that. Rubble is accountable for the authority for the selection of the suppliers. The alternative measures that Mr. Rubble can take in this underlining situation is that he needs to clearly define the problem that the pacific healthcare is encountering or may encounter in the future state of action. Moreover, being left as the sole authority of overall supply requirements of the healthcare, he could now freely sign the agreement with other suppliers of the X-ray sheets with regards to considering the current contractual agreement with Kodak company on the basis of his own individual decision mak ing aspect. Apart from that he and other higher authorities needs to determine and evaluate the products and services of Kodak in regards to quality, services, price, maintenance and other necessary equipments. The proper evaluation of the quality supplied in the previous years and current scenario must be evaluated with the proper measures. With regards to this alternative, the healthcare can significantly ask other suppliers to provide the sample, which the healthcare can evaluate with its requirement so that the best alternative gets selected out of the available alternatives. Furthermore, it is important to consider the most likely impacts of the existing alternative approach over the long term prospective impact. Nevertheless, the healthcare to stay with the supply of Kodak is also available to them. In the healthcare industry in order to effectively manage and improve the patient health conditions, it is quite important and critical to evaluate their

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