Monday, August 26, 2019

Economic Decisions Made by Business Interests Research Proposal

Economic Decisions Made by Business Interests - Research Proposal Example However, this is a tool to help the society together. The skills of learning how to run a business and how to sell products are an asset that the women can use in any form at any time. This helps them develop skills that they never had, therefore improving the level of education already. Secondly, due to the business, the standard of life improves when women run a business. They are able to double their monthly household income, which automatically helps. Thirdly they are able to reduce child labor and keep their children in school for longer. Due to this the education level increases and this will automatically help in increasing the literacy rate. If these assets of training would only help in achieving one thing, selling than this wouldn’t be counted as a tool. However, this helps improves the standard of living and increases the literacy level. Therefore increasing the betterment of Indian life overall. Any decision made by will always affect the society if it is a helpful decision it can be referred to as a tool to better the society.

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