Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Personal Definition of the Word Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Definition of the Word Freedom - Essay Example The researcher states that despite complications in the term interpretation every person naturally understands the great value of freedom, however, sometimes it is difficult to feel free if you did not lose it before. It is impossible to evaluate freedom of thought and speech if you live in a democratic country. To understand the concept you have to feel the limits of your freedom. The researcher thinks that freedom, firstly, presumes freedom from prejudices. Racial, sexual, national prejudices make or world more hostile and less positive place. Prejudices limit the abilities of the person to evaluate the world fairly as they are in most cases based on wrong, shallow knowledge and conclusions. We all are affected by prejudices and certain biases and it is important to keep the mind â€Å"clean† of such things. Freedom form prejudices is a trait of tolerant, mature person, who understands the value of human life regardless of his race, sex, origin or age. The world history has shown numerous examples of discrimination, however, now we are free to choose what to believe. Secondly, freedom is a freedom of choice. Nevertheless, the concept â€Å"freedom of choice† of the person means two things: that we are free and that we have a choice as that. Today the researcher has the right to choose a place to live and to study; he is able to choose a hobby and friends. He can choose which book to read and which music to listen. the researcher believes is free from opinions of people around him. If he does not agree with the majority regarding some issues, it does not mean that he challenge someone`s opinion. Unfortunately, some freedom of choice is illusionary. We are not completely free in our choice of work, for instance, in order to fit into the life we have to make money and we are doomed to choose from a certain list of specialties and companies.

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