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Essay on Definition of TerrorismEssay Writing Service

Essay on Definition of TerrorismEssay Writing Service Essay on Definition of Terrorism Essay on Definition of TerrorismThe term terrorism has become especially actual and meaningful in our society because of the terrorist acts which occur in different corners of the planet nowadays. So, its definition must be understandable and precise and clearly identify the kind of crime which falls under this definition for the appropriate reaction and punishment. In order to make my own definition, it is necessary to analyze the most famous and reliable ones.There are different definitions in different federal and international communities. However, let’s take definitions suggested by the influential American instances, such as the U.S. Department of State and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). FBI presents its definition of terrorism: its unlawful violence against people or property in order to force the government or separate individuals to fulfill terrorists’ requirements. According to the U.S. Code terrorism is a purposeful premeditated violence against u narmed people or targets usually committed by subnational groups in order to have political or other influence. Despite some not so much meaningful differences, both definitions state that terrorism presupposes the usage of force or the further political or social pressure.The U.S. Code goes further and divides the term terrorism into two notions: â€Å"domestic terrorism† and â€Å"international terrorism†. Both kinds of terrorism possess the following common characteristics: terrorism is aimed to 1) intimidate civilian people; 2) have influence on the government using force and intimidation; 3) commit terrorist actions, such as kidnapping, mass destruction and assassination in order to force the government to fulfill the requirements (What International Terrorism means, 2002). The only difference is that international terrorism occurs outside the U.S. territorial jurisdiction and domestic terrorism takes place within the territorial jurisdiction of the States.Analyzi ng all the information listed above I would suggest such a definition: terrorism is a deliberate usually armed act of violence committed against citizens or property in order to make them or the government accept terrorists’ requirements. Terrorist acts usually occur on the political, ethnical or religious ground. It was comparatively easy for me to make a definition of terrorism because there are so many reliable sources on this topic and this theme is of great interest for me.The War on Terrorism and Limitation on Human RightsIt goes without saying that fight against terrorism is one of the crucial tasks of the American government. Terrorism is a real threat today and protection of the national interests and American citizens is the full responsibility of the American government and law.   However, it is necessary to find a   Ã‚  balance between the war on terrorism and limitations on people’s rights and freedoms as a result of this war.As a reaction to the event s of September 11, 2001 there have been signed two acts – the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act, which were intended to decrease the threat of terrorism.   However, these acts on the contrary threaten and limit civil rights of the American population. â€Å"The Patriot Act, overwhelmingly passed by Congress after September 11, 2001, alarms the American Civil Liberties Union, The Washington Post, the New York Times, government officials in 152 communities, and three states that have passed resolutions condemning this emergency measure† (Zirin, 2004). According to the Patriot Act, the government is allowed to collect business records, have an access to e-mail and Internet communications, use wiretaps, have secret searches and some other points which neglect rights and freedoms of every citizen proclaimed by the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution – the highest legal law in America. The Homeland Security Act has been aimed to predict, p revent and get ready for terrorist act, however, in fact also limits people’s rights. Racial profiling and additional safety precautions are also among measures which have been taken in the frame of the War on Terrorism.In my opinion, the War on Terrorism is a necessity in the modern society but it is very important to be very careful in this question. Fighting against terrorism, suspecting every citizen and neglecting basic civil rights may cause people’s reaction which could be much more dangerous for the American society than even terrorist threat. So, the government should carry out a very wise policy considering this topic.The Threat of ISIS and the Governmental PolicyThe Islamic State terrorist Group, shortly called ISIS or ISIL is the organization which commits terroristic acts and its name is associated with violence, massacres, beheadings and violation of human rights. Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham which was officially proclaimed in April this year and cou nts several thousand people is the most fanatical and radical organization today. Earlier it was known as Jamaat al-Tawhid wal-Jihad or Al-Qaeda.The main threat of this group is not just in committing of terroristic acts but also in recruiting of new members in the Islamic world and stirring hatred, fomenting violence and developing misunderstanding on ethnic grounds. Non-human behavior, neglecting of human rights and freedoms, as well as bloody massacres is a threat to the entire humanity, not just the United States.Today not just the United States but also a lot of other countries, including Switzerland which usually stays neutral in all armed affairs, try to coordinate their forces and fight this threat together: â€Å"Speaking at a security conference in Berlin, EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini said the Euro-Mediterranean code of conduct could trigger a breakthrough in UN efforts to agree on a definition of terrorism and a code of conduct for governments worldwide (Anti- Terrorism Code Is Adopted, 2005). It goes without saying that methods used by the States and Europe are sometimes questionable but the main point is that such kind of organization cannot be left without control. Terroristic organization left on its own is the threat for the entire humanity and only active and strong position may be effective in this fight.

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