Saturday, February 8, 2020

Social Intelligence of People Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Intelligence of People - Assignment Example Albrecht scale of behavioral concepts can help identify areas of human interaction that need to be addressed for improved social skills. I have achieved a score of 91 on Albrecht’s self-assessment quiz which has revealed my nourishing and toxic behavioral traits. Five aspects of each are discussed as below. Five of my most nourishing traits are: communicating openly and honestly; acknowledging and affirming others; expressing respect for others’ ideas; and sympathize with others; and keeping confidences. These have helped me to build a constructive social relationship with lots of genuine friends and well-wishers. These attributes have also given me credibility amongst friends and acquaintances, facilitating improved performance in academia as well as personal development as an individual. Respecting others’ ideas has helped me to develop critical thinking and providing me with the ability to look for new opportunities even in adverse circumstances. My five toxic behaviors include: monopolizing conversation; sometimes snappy and moody having low tolerance; interrupting others and not listening patiently to others; bragging, and manipulating others for my own goals. These traits have created some enemies and have blocked my progress in the work arena. They have also created distrust amongst some of my acquaintances and obstructed my progress in studies as well as frustrated my efforts for strengthening my relationships others. These traits have led to reduced trust and respect amongst my friends and peer group. I would like to have more communication skills as they are important tools for resolving conflicts. It is an important mechanism of expressing and explaining facts that could create problems for oneself and others. A person, who makes effort to develop better ways of communicating with other people, is able to strengthen his/her personal and  professional relationship and facilitate a better understanding that paves way for a productive outcome.  Moreover, the vast scope of communication, in terms of behavioral pattern, language used and non-verbal means of contact are important aspects which are extremely relevant in the social interaction.  

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