Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Salse and Planing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Salse and Planing - Essay Example The level of interaction is greater and feedback is generated in a positive manner. The convening opportunity to a consumer is more (ICMR, 2010). Trade Selling: The salesperson sells the products to marketing intermediaries like whole sellers and retailers. The consumers are not the direct prospects of the products. The intermediates are the actual consumers and they sell to direct clients (ICMR, 2010). The customer’s expectation towards the organization is difficult to evaluate. There has been decrease in the consumer satisfaction level and even the organizations huge investment towards Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Customer expectations are increasing in relation to salesperson information, swiftness of response, extent and deepness of communication, and customization of information and product/service offerings. Failure to respond and adopt new strategies will negatively affect the sales force. The competition is intense for revenue and market share. The cost to serve consumers plays a greater pressure on the salesman to perform under such situations. During the different phases of PLC due to lack of knowledge of competitor’s products, they might have to face problems. Lack of technology that helps the salespersons to supervise significant information throughout sales cycle and communicate in actual time with their companies, might affect the salesperson performance. In the extremely competitive circumstances, salespersons must be significantly careful about the phrases and the arguments they use and encouragements they offer in endeavouring to succeed the sales. Otherwise, they may be sued by the clients. The managerial forces in form of huge targets have the effect upon the sales force. With increasing competition among the sales managers they tend to push the limits of sales force which ultimately affects the sales force performance. Through the study of consumer behaviour, it is

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