Friday, October 4, 2019

Something good Essay Example for Free

Something good Essay As I venture into my work, I always presume that something good will happen. I always believe that taking risks will definitely bring me something positive, although difficulties arise at times. In the world of reality, there will always be hindrances that will come my way which may lead me to feel hopeless, useless, worthless. But that should not stop me from believing in my dreams and just give up everything because being a coward will not help me in improving my skills. To gain excellence in my career, I should take into consideration different things that will help me improve my ability as a leader. And that means I should not only take care of the clients I want to handle, but I also have to deal with the clients whom I think I cant even handle. By this, I will be trained by the challenging customers I deal with and will certainly this will be a reason for my maturity as an individual, particularly as a leader. Consequently, my attitude towards my work is a major aspect of my individuality as a leader. â€Å"No one should ask you what you bring to your position. Your work and actions should make this absolutely clear to all those around you. Demonstrate your skills in your conversations, in your work and in your attitude. Communicate your professional goals when appropriate and work all the time you work. Be your own boss. As you take the helm of your career and steer it toward your future, you must realize that no matter what the hierarchical structure is in your profession, you are your own boss, (Kanjungu, 2006) . † I have observed that people develop their leadership skills by taking into the unknown. Taking out of their comfort zones was their main component to be able to enhance their competence particularly when it comes about leadership. It was evident that trying something new, and not sticking to what you always know will lead you to be a better individual that may help you lead other people in the right track. Motivation is one of the key points why people are improving in their skills. Apparently, they become more comfortable in what they do when they have a high motivation that leads them in doing the things they are assigned to do. The strong will to work for their family and other loved ones is the best driving force I have observed they are taking into consideration, and it clearly alleviate the insecurities they have. In improving their focus in their customer, I noticed that they are more tolerant to the people they are dealing with. Being tolerant is considering not only the positive sides of the customer, but the negative sides of them as well. They always make sure to deal properly to the customer and stay their focus on them so as not to divert the customers attention. In improving the customer-focus, one must regard that the customer should always be the one who will be obeyed, and not the other way around. Being approachable is also one factor in catching the interest of a certain customer because they will feel that they are very welcome and well entertained. Personally, I can attest that the things I have observed are quite helpful in developing ones leadership skill and in improving the focus to the customer as well. I myself experienced dealing with people who are inconsiderate, yet managed to make it to the end of the journey. As I asses things, I can say that in developing my leadership skills I have to bear in mind important factors to make it through the day. Being responsible in everything I do is a major factor that I should always keep in mind. Responsibility takes a major part in living a life of being a leader because many followers are watching your every step and one wrong move may mean a downfall for you. So, to be able to survive the journey of life, being accountable for whatever you do is really a must. It is a fact that no one is responsible for whatever you do, but yourself. â€Å"No one can control the events or the people surrounding them. The only thing we can control is ourselves. To succeed in todays workforce or in any professional endeavors, your value must be readily recognizable and memorable, (Kanjungu, 2006) . † Its true that it is necessary to act out what you have learned in the past experiences or lessons is life you acquired. For me, I will use the things I learned by sharing it to other people and teaching them every details of the values I gained. Learning without sharing is such a stingy deed and absolutely not a good idea to be ungenerous to the people around you. In every learning experience, I always want to use those things by imparting the essential things which the experience brought me. Works Cited: Kanjungu, Nuwagaba. â€Å"http://www. monitor. co. ug. † Monitor Online Jobs. 6 Dec. 2006 http://www. monitor. co. ug/job/news. php? news_id=3auth_sess=61d799506760b1633a9d70dbff330f20ref=748962c846b2603077010c84a.

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